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I have a couple of nodes with low utilization, but they are not scaled down. Why?

Have you set the cluster autoscaler?

If cluster autoscaler is set up, it should be correctly configured to scale down the nodes. To see the possible issues, check the cluster autoscaler documentation.

How many CO2 is produced by pod?

This calculations are based on the following assumptions:

  • Emissions for cloud server using 100% green electricity: 160 Kg CO2eq / year and server (from )
  • Cluster node of 2 cpu. We approximate 1 node is 1 server
  • 15 pods per node

With this assumption, the mean consumption of CO2 per pod in a year is 160 / 15 = 11 Kg CO2eq / year per pod.

CO2 Calculator

CO2 per pods per year (kg CO2eq)
Total number of pods
Total pods when kube-green active
Hour of sleep per week

Total (Kg CO2eq/week)

76.2% CO2 saved with kube-green
without kube-green: 21
with kube-green: 5