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If you're using kube-green to save the emissions of CO2, please add your name to the list. It's a small contribution back to the project with a big impact. You can do it following the

OrganizationsDescription of Use
Mia-PlatformAdded kube-green to all no-prod environments that are turned off all nights and weekend. A lot of them are turned off till are not necessary. This is saving us more than 30% of resources!
Step4BusinessWe use KubeGreen to stop all non production environments on Saturdays, Sundays and nights so that we can save more than 30% of costs and help developers to improve their work life balance
QontoWe use KubeGreen to stop all dev environments outside business hours (~10k pods on 3 clusters). This allowed us to save 40% of our AWS monthly bill.
Sopra SteriaWe enable KubeGreen by default of our 3 mutualized platforms (based on Openshift) to stop all dev & tests workloads during the night and the weekends.
RadicalbitWe use KubeGreen to stop every non production environment on nights and weekends. This allowed us to save more than 20% on our GCP monthly bill, and we also feel we're doing good for our beloved planet by decrementing our CO2 emissions :-)
SupertextWith kube-green, we not only save a lot of money, but we also have a smaller footprint on our planet. We switch off non-productive nodes over night and over the weekend. The only missing piece, is to wake them up by the press of a button. But working on that.
Davidson ConsultingWe have installed the kube-green operator on our OKD pre-production cluster in order to automatically scale-down the workloads in non-business hours. And, this helps a lot in reducing the resource consumption.