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Getting Started


How many of your dev/preview pods stay on during weekends? Or at night? It's a waste of resources! And money! But fear not, kube-green is here to the rescue.

kube-green is a simple k8s addon that automatically shuts down (some of) your resources when you don't need them.

How many CO2 produces yearly a pod?
By our assumption, it's about 11 Kg CO2eq per per year per pod (here the calculation).

Use this tool to calculate it:

CO2 Calculator

CO2 per pods per year (kg CO2eq)
Total number of pods
Pods sleeped
Hour of sleep per week

Total (Kg CO2eq/week)

without kube-green: 21
with kube-green: 5
Difference: -16

Keep reading to find out how to use it, and if you have ideas on how to improve kube-green, open an issue or start a discussion, we'd love to hear them!


Try our tutorials to get started. Are available here.


To start using kube-green, you need to install it in a kubernetes cluster. Click here to see how to install.

Create and deploy SleepInfo

You can take a look at example configuration available here, or create it with the docs here.

And that's it! Now, let kube-green to sleep your pods and to save CO2!

Real use cases

To see the real use case example, check here.